The Dream Experiment Ep. 17

June 11th, 2018

The Erie Mansion Episode: Historically Haunted. We take the podcast on the road with us once more, this time to Clyde, NY, where Mark Wright runs a hotel style unique experience for visitors to feel what it's like to live in the mansion that the townspeople all know is haunted. We have an in-depth conversation with Mark about the mansion and its history while getting to know him intimately just like all our guests. In answering the ten questions of the experiment we press on to find out what dreams are like for someone living in the haunted building for over a decade, while touching on the reasons why this podcast is important to all people who can benefit from being aware of what happens in dreams and what may happen when we pay attention. We clarify the typical questions visitors may have before staying at the Erie Mansion from the man himself, and we learn much more that isn't easily available if researching prior to a trip. Deborah Miliotto joins the discussion and later has a strange feeling during the recording that she needs to share. The podcast begins with an intro clip of the song entitled "Erie Mansion", and the full song can be heard at the end of the episode.

The Dream Experiment Ep. 16

June 14th, 2017

Episode 16 The Cabin In The Woods Episode: The Dream Password. We take the podcast on the road with 2 new guests, Risa and Mark, with third and recurring guest Deborah Miliotto answering the 10 questions in the presence of a quieter, more peaceful, nature setting. Hypnosis, UFO abductions, higher dimensional consciousness beings, what is God, the illusion of time, breath and consciousness, consciousness after death, and memory connected to awareness discipline are some of the topics we touch upon.

The Dream Experiment Ep. 15

May 19th, 2017

The Creative Tendencies Episode: Michael Berman joins us as we talk about the nature of time itself outside of our default perception of the forward direction of moments followed by moments. Recollecting our time at a recording studio together, we go through the 10 questions with more unique dream experiences and touching on simplifying our 5-dimensional existence. We discuss hightened consciousness being tied directly to brain plasticity brought on by the creation and understanding of language beyond the languages currently in use on the planet. Further propelling the experiment into exciting revelations, we discuss embracing the unknown and fostering core creativity that becomes effortless and endless as evidenced by the creation of Michael's song "People Don't Know" that he plays on the podcast with guitar and voice while Rich Tapper contributes cello and harmony vocals.

The Dream Experiment Ep. 14

April 24th, 2017

The Synchronicity Episode: Welcome To The Fifth Dimension. Rich Tapper sums up the last two episodes as they have contributed to moving forward with the experiment. A simple explanation of what it means to live as fifth dimensional beings in the context of experience and the history of science in the last 100 years, followed by the retelling of a 12 year old dream that was too real to forget, all show that The Dream Experiment is making progress by acting in the face of the unknown.

The Dream Experiment Ep. 13

March 23rd, 2017

The Omen Episode: Eric Ferrazzoli joins us as our guest sharing his wide experience with dreams relating to stress, his time in the military, city living, culminating in a very unique set of viewpoints and revelations to drive the experiment further forward while defining sex dreams, military dreams, inability dreams, nightmares, and dream escape tactics. Our story begins with meeting at a major recording studio and agreeing to make music that makes people want to fight just after 9/11 in NYC, taking us on a previously undisclosed journey of the unconscious spanning the last 15 years and more.

The Dream Experiment Ep. 12

March 5th, 2017

Our guests are Carl Golembeski and Cody Orrell, on the Toroidal Syzygy Episode. Beginning with discussing FFT analysis in the context of sound and brain imaging and physical reality, we go through the ten questions, more unexpected answers, DMT and the jester, personal revelations about ourselves and the experiment. In a long and sometimes unforeseen random arc, it all ends up relating directly to dreams, prophecy, anamnesis, navigating the flow of life, and evolving human communication in the waking state.

The Dream Experiment Ep. 11

January 10th, 2017

We focus on consciousness itself, what it is beyond the obvious, what it can be, and why this tends to be problematic in 2017. One of the 10 Dream Experiment questions deals solely with consciousness, and after 10 episodes we delve deeper into this question which may hold the answer to the entire purpose of the experiment.

The Dream Experiment Ep. 10

December 27th, 2016

Salvatore Miliotto Sr. is our guest after the Christmas holiday giving account of his most memorable dreams and paranormal experiences in his home in Long Island, NY while touching on simplifications of consciousness and free will. Unexpected memories and answers come up as we get to know another guest intimately on Dreaming Life.

The Dream Experiment Ep. 9

November 11th, 2016

John Szalyga is our guest, a dream experiencer who gives us a cinematic context to view dreams while touching upon meditation, defining consciousness through awareness, deviation of perception and memory, reacting to daily living in Brooklyn, New York, questioning our elders about their differing dream experiences and learning from them, how detailed we can get about dream recollection and pondering how far dreams can depart from waking experiences that may have influenced their inception.

The Dream Experiment Ep. 8

November 3rd, 2016

The importance of documenting your dreams is precluded by the need to have dreams in the first place, and more fundamentally to have a certain quality of dreams to tell, breaking silence by providing data to share with the world. We found emotion present in all dreams, now we move toward dreams being created out of emotion as a starting point, where humans are already connected and commonly rooted to each other.

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